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Mike’s Reading List for 2015-2017

Mike’s Reading List for 2015-2017 represents some of the books he completed during this period. Select any book title or image to locate it at Amazon. Below the following list, an embedded PDF version is available for viewing or download.

By Author: A-C | D-F | G-J | K-M | N-Q | R-T | U-Z | Misc | PDF

A-C   ↑ Top

Augustine of Hippo

Barzun, Jaques

Bell, Walter George

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich

Boom, Corrie ten, and John L. Sherrill

Columbus, Christopher

Corum, Bill L.

D-F   ↑ Top

D’Este, Carlo

Ditchburn, David

Edwards, Jonathan

Entz, Yolanda

G-J   ↑ Top

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

Goldstein, Donald

Hellbeck, Jochen (w. Christopher Tauchen)

Herzog, Chaim (rev. / upd. by Shlomo Gazit)

Heschel, Abraham Joshua

K-M   ↑ Top

Markoe, Glenn E.

N-Q   ↑ Top

Provan, Iain; Long, V. Philips; Longman III, Tremper

R-T   ↑ Top

Ross, Jeffrey Ian (w. Stephen C. Richards)

Sartre, Maurice (w. Catherine Porter, Elizabeth Rawlings)

Schleiermacher, Friedrich

Sledge, E. B.

Smith, James E.

U-Z   ↑ Top

Wiesel, Elie

Wittgenstein, Ludwig


Misc.   ↑ Top

Bible and Reference

PDF version for viewing or download

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