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  • ncBc Baptisms ’23

    ncBc Baptisms ’23

    Photos and video (30-min.) of the testimonies and baptisms of two members of north clackamas Bible community: Jessica Beer and Dan Mitchell. An introductory message by Mike Sperou, Senior Pastor, explains the meaning and significance of the ordinance of baptism.

  • ncBc Honors Veterans: Memorial Day 2014

    ncBc Honors Veterans: Memorial Day 2014

    For their military service, ncBc honors with video and photos: Brad Allen, Roger Baker, Joseph Kirchem, Keith Mitchell, Mike Sperou.

  • ncBc Wedding in 2013

    ncBc Wedding in 2013

    The ncBc-hosted wedding of Keith and Danielle took place on January 20th, 2013. Included here is a 20-minute video and a small set of photos.